Wednesday, December 3, 2008

War-displaced people in refugee camps

This is the most crucial issue in the North East region of the country. The living of the people are so pathetic and they are hopeless. The people have lost their social values and have been neglected. A series of social problems are emerging. Poverty is a multifaceted issue in these villages, and cannot be captured in one measurement or indicator. Communities adversely affected by poverty frequently suffer from lower standards of living manifesting itself in dilapidated infrastructure, poor area management, inadequate public services (i.e. water supply, sanitation, emergency services) and general lack of basic needs

The poor, already vulnerable during fair economic and social periods, are especially at risk during times of crisis and recovery. The incapacities and/or lack of resources which existed before such shocks often intensify their situations directly following a crisis and well into the time afterwards. Death of a family member, injury to the main income earner, sickness, loss of physical capital such housing, transportation, or equipment for production all take a severe toll on the ability of those at or around the poverty line to recover from shocks.